Sophie offers a bespoke Wedding Stationery Service to help bring a personal touch to your special day. She works closely with all her clients, helping them every step of the way. Whether you know exactly what you want, or need a little nudge in the right direction, Sophie is always here to help.

Sophie can help you with everything from Save the Date cards for when you are newly engaged, to Table Plans & Names as you think about those last minute touches. If you would like a "Wedding Sample Pack' to provide you with a little more information on the process and some samples, please order below.

Below you will find a Price List. Please be aware that these are just a guide, and depending on your exact preferences,

the prices may alter.  


All Sophie's stationery is digitally printed, however if you would like to add some extra luxury to your stationery,

processes such as letter pressing, foiling & embossing can be arranged. 

                                                                                              25-70                    71+

A6 Save The Date cards                                              £1.10                  £0.90
A5 Invitation                                                                   £1.90                 £1.50
A5 Invitation (Double Sided)                                       £2.00                 £1.75
A6 Information Card                                                     £1.10                  £0.90
A6 Information Card (Double Sided)                         £1.40                  £1.15
A7 Gift List/RSVP                                                          £0.80                £0.65
A7 RSVP (Double Sided)                                              £0.95                 £0.80
A5 Envelope                                                                  £0.80                 £0.65
A6 Envelope                                                                  £0.65                 £0.50
A7 Envelope                                                                  £0.50                 £0.40
      + Printed Address                                                   £0.20                 £0.15

A1 (594 x 841 mm) Foam Board Table Plan              £50.00 each
A0 (841 x 1189 mm) Foam Board Table Plan            £90.00 each

A5 Table Names                                                            £12.00 each
A5 Mounted Table Names                                          £20.00 each

Order of Service (card cover + 1 insert)                      £3.50                £3.00
Order of Service (card cover + 2 inserts)                   £3.75                 £3.25

Artwork                                                                           £30 per hour

Calligraphy                                                                     £30 per hour