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Seed Paper Notelets (Trade)

Seed Paper Notelets (Trade)


These notelets come in a pack of 5, with recycled brown kraft envelopes. They are made from recycled hand-made paper, embedded with wild flower seeds. They make the perfect gift to send to friends & family, and when they are finished looking beautiful in their home, they can continue looking beautiful in the garden.


Each envelope contains simple instructions on how you can plant your notelets.


  • 5 notelets and 5 brown kraft envelopes per pack
  • Each card is 14.8cm x 10.1cm in size (A6)
  • Printed on 240 gsm seed paper.
  • Instructions

    These notelets contain wildflower seeds, which can be planted.

    1) Hold paper under running water, tear into pieces & place on top of compost.

    2) Cover with another thin layer of compost & water again.

    3) Place somewhere warm & dry to germinate.

    Don’t let them dry out, but be careful not to overwater.

    Once the seedlings begin to appear, you can transfer to a bigger pot.

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